Ag Leader Technology

Crop Tech Services, Inc. can provide you with the latest in precision farming with Ag Leader technology, including the In Command 800 and 1200, Steer Command, and OnTrac3 systems.


Data Management

Data collected from precision ag has immense value for making the correct management decisions.


Protect your seed investment by being in control of how much seed you plant and where it's planted.


On-the-go yield monitoring, in-depth performance analysis, highly accurate date collecting, and more.


Ensure that your application process is as efficient as possible by applying the correct rates.

Water Management

  • Increase field operation windows and reduce field compaction.
  • Reduce yield-robbing effects of denitrification due to poor drainage.
  • Provide deeper root zone and earlier soil warm up for better crop development.
  • Eliminate hassles associated with laser surveying equipment.
  • Do-it-yourself tile planning, recording, and installation.
  • Tile on your schedule with equipment you already own.


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