Crop Scouting & Consulting

Crop Tech Services, Inc. can monitor your fields so that you can take corrective action to maximize your growing season.

Photo by fotokostic/iStock / Getty Images

Crop Tech Services, Inc. performs crop monitoring in the Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa region. Crop monitoring, or integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) is an essential part of precision farming. IPDM uses field-specific information and improved decision making to protect crop yield and quality whole minimizing the risks associated with pesticide and herbicide use. Through a regular and systematic field sampling program, scouting provides specific information on pest pressure and crop injury. This information is essential to the appropriate selection and application of pest and disease management procedures. The purpose of scouting is to determine whether a pest is present and if the application of a pest management procedure is justified.

Scouting is also beneficial to determine whether nutrient deficiencies, soil compaction or other disorders are affecting crop health. Using technology such as GPS and personal digital assistants, scouts are able to mark exact references of items such as water logging or weed patches and are then able to use these references to apply chemicals without over applying to the entire field, saving money and time.

A well designed scouting program includes:

  1. Sampling to provide an accurate estimate of pest densities, crop health and weed pressure.
  2. Identification of pests, weeds or diagnosis of the crop stress or injury based on observable symptoms.
  3. Comparison of observed pest pressure, weed pressure or crop injury to recommended economic injury levels or economic thresholds.

Factors we consider in crop monitoring

  • crop emergence
  • weed situation
  • population counts
  • herbicide, pesticide and fungicide performance
  • silking date
  • yield estimates