Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Sales

Crop Tech Services, Inc. has been a Pioneer Seed Sales Representative for over seventeen years. We have provided an overview of our offerings below. You can also learn more about Pioneer on their website.

CORN - Pioneer offers U.S. corn growers the industry's broadest lineup, with more than 240 unique and different Pioneer brand hybrids. Localized research results in products with top yield and potential and necessary agronomic traits for all the major corn growing areas of the country. Technology traits are also available to help protect against insect and weed pressure. We can help you select the right hybrids for your farming operation.

SOYBEANS - Experience a powerful new generation of Pioneer brand soybeans. With over fifty new varieties introduced in the last fifteen years, Pioneer varieties feature outstanding yields, with strong emergence, disease, pest and herbicide resistance, solid standability and smooth harvesting to meet the field by field needs of growers. Innovative bulk operations, such as the PROBOX seed handling system, offer improved handling convenience.

ALFALFA - Pioneer offers growers over fifteen different Pioneer brand alfalfa varieties. Each year, alfalfa researchers harvest more than 30,000 test plots worldwide to measure product and parental performance in various environments. Technology traits are also available to help protect against insect pressures. Crop Tech Services can help you select the right varieties for your operation.

INOCULANTS - Pioneer offers inoculants for corn and alfalfa silage, alfalfa hay, and high moisture grain. With a library of more than 4,000 strains of bacteria, Pioneer microbial researchers develop inoculants with carefully selected, unique, patented strains of bacteria. Talk to us about the benefits of using Pioneer brand inoculants to help you get more from every acre you feed to your animals.